Letter to an Indecisive Student

Letter to a Transgender Student


Letter to a Gay Student

Thank you for sharing this news with me. I really am honored you would entrust me with something so personal. Before I say anything else, I want you to know that I love you and am for you. That was true before you shared this with me and that will continue to be so long … Continue reading Letter to a Gay Student

Teens & Sexuality: Addressing Sexuality with Teenagers

In our families and in our churches, we are far too often late to the conversation about sexuality with our teenagers and reactionary once we speak up. This should not be the case. The kitchen table and living room are perhaps the best places for this discussion. And the church is called to equip its … Continue reading Teens & Sexuality: Addressing Sexuality with Teenagers

Good Books for Students and Student Ministers

Some of these books are written with teenagers in mind, many of them are relatively short and accessible, but all of them are worth every teenager reading. Additionally, I think these books provide a helpful guide for student ministers as they seek equip and send out students for the gospel.