Book Notes: Our Secular Age

How can the church be faithful in its mission to bear witness to Jesus Christ in our secular age? Are we asking the right questions? Do we really understand the context in which we are serving? How can we communicate the gospel in a way that addresses the real concerns and questions of this generation? … Continue reading Book Notes: Our Secular Age


Don’t Waste Your College

Summer is almost over. The semester will soon begin. Perhaps it’s your first semester in college or your last. Your schedule will be full of new classes. You will interact with new people. You will experience new opportunities. You will have renewed focus and desires… to grow in your education to grow in your friendships … Continue reading Don’t Waste Your College

Making Disciples at Home

Make disciples. That is what Jesus has called the church to do. As parents, he has entrusted you with children to raise and nurture in the gospel. Because of these two realities, healthy student ministries aim to partner with parents to make disciples of the next generation. Disciple-making should be the lens through which student ministries plan and evaluate … Continue reading Making Disciples at Home