Becoming Gospel Fluent: The Gospel Fluency Handbook

Sometimes you see a book that you know you need to read. Gospel Fluency was once of those books for me. It was not about knowing more about the gospel. It was about knowing the gospel in such a way that it changes you. It works powerfully within us and flows freely from us. Gospel fluency is believing the gospel and speaking the truths of the gospel into the everyday stuff of life.

After I read Gospel Fluency (Crossway 2017), I immediately thought to myself: How do I help others become fluent in the gospel? If I am honest, I also thought, how can I keep growing in my own gospel fluency. I thought to myself, it would be amazing if there was a handbook that would help people work this out in community.

Well, Jeff Vanderstelt and Ben Connelly did just that in Gospel Fluency Handbook: A Practical Guide To Speaking The Truths Of Jesus Into the Every Stuff Of Life.

Anyone who has read Gospel Fluency will benefit from this handbook. However, the authors have designed the Gospel Fluency Handbook to function as an independent resource. While I would recommend reading Gospel Fluency, it is not necessary to use this handbook. The goal of the handbook is twofold: 1) “to help move you from unbelief to belief, in whatever area(s) of your life you find it difficult to believe God’s promises, and live according to that belief” and 2) “to help you speak the truths of Jesus into the everyday stuff of life as we together become a more gospel-fluent people.” (2)  Each week contains three readings with reflections questions and concludes with group discussion and exercises. As an added benefit, a video series was created to supplement each week and provide further insight on using the handbook. Depending on your church context, the Gospel Fluency Handbook can be used in a number of different ways. Perhaps your small group could walk through it over eight weeks. Maybe your leadership team could work through it and then take others through it. Maybe you could work through it with someone you are personally discipling. Personally, I will be walking my church planting team through it in the coming months.

To win a copy of Gospel Fluency and the Gospel Fluency Handbook (+ some other great items), check out the give away below.

The most exciting part of this resource is its intentional focus on seeing the gospel transform every area of our lives. It does not just call us to share the gospel. It leads us to know the gospel more deeply, apply the gospel to our everyday lives, experience the transforming power of the gospel in community, and share this good news with everyone everywhere. Honestly, there is no one resource that is going to make this happen in our lives or our churches. However, there are definitely resources that will push us further in the right direction. This is one of those. I hope you will get some copies and begin working at becoming more fluent in speaking the gospel into the everyday stuff of life. As I do, I look forward to sharing how I am becoming, along with my brothers and sisters in Christ, more and more gospel fluent.

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