Coffee Reading (5/27)

Coffee Reading (1)

I like coffee. I like reading. I like drinking coffee while reading. I like coffee while reading things that stir my heart and mind to delight in, declare, and display the gospel in all of life. Each Saturday, I will be posting a few links that aim to do just that. Perhaps as you enjoy your Saturday morning cup of coffee, these links will be an encouragement and challenge to your pursuit of Christ and his mission.

How to Have an Effective “Missionary Encounter” with Culture – Tim Keller: Here five aspects to the posture the church needs to take in its “missionary encounter with our culture.” Keller describes the life and the practice of the early church before Constantine: “Christianity didn’t adapt to culture in order to gain more adherents, but neither did it remain a small, withdrawn band. Christianity confronted and critiqued the culture, and believers suffered for it—yet the faith also convinced many, attracting growing numbers of converts daily.” We need this kind of confrontation and attraction today. It will be costly. But we are not without examples.

70 Prompts for Praising God – Lianna Davis – Read them slowly. Read them prayerfully. Let them prompt you to praise God. Just consider these four:

61.  You understand (Heb. 4:15).
62.  Today’s perseverance and endurance—even if no one else sees them—are remembered by You (Rev. 2-3).
63.  We are weak, but You are strong (Ps. 147:5).
64.  Nothing stretches or reaches beyond You; we cannot take a step outside of Your control (Ps. 115:3).

How to Read the News Like a Christian – Scott Slayton: This is a timely article from Scott Slayton. I read this a few weeks back, but it was recently posted on the Southern Equip Blog. Slayton asks, “How do Christians process the constant barrage and news at our fingertips?” In short, Slayton exhorts us to read the news like our time is valuable, like our hope is real, like we love our neighbor, and like we have heard Solomon’s wisdom. Part of displaying the gospel in our culture will be in how we process and respond to the breaking news all around us.

Measuring Spiritual Growth – John MacArthur: Watch as MacArthur provides some sound wisdom for measuring spiritual growth in our lives. He encourages us to look at the trajectory of our lives and to ask questions like: “Are we sinning less over time? Are we breaking old habits and gaining victory over sin in areas of life that were once dominated by defeat? And are we growing in our appreciation for just how sinful we are? Is the Spirit revealing new areas of sin in our lives, and are we attacking that sin biblically? If you want to get a sense of how you’re growing spiritually, you need to start with those questions.”

What Is the Fear of Man, and Why Is It So Dangerous? – Ed Welch: He defines fear of man in this way: “Who or what you fear is that which controls you.” Let that sink in. Who or what controls you? If you’re like me, this is a question you need to be asking yourself often.


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