Coffee Reading: Links that Stir Your Heart and Mind (4/1)

Coffee Reading (1)Coffee Reading: A Weekly Post

I like coffee. I like reading. I like drinking coffee while reading. I like coffee while reading things that stir my heart and mind to delight in, declare, and display the gospel in all of life. Each Saturday, I will be posting three links that aim to do just that. Perhaps as you enjoy your Saturday morning cup of coffee, these links will be an encouragement and challenge to your pursuit of Christ and his mission.

Something Profound in Our Generation – Ray Ortlund: “A nice church filled with nice people doing nice things will make no impact in the intensity of our times.” Summarizing Francis Schaeffer’s 2 Contents, 2 Realities, Ortlund reminds us of the way in which Schaeffer uniquely challenges us with what it will take to see something profound to happen in our generation. Schaeffer’s words also provided direction to a recent post of my own: Listen Up: A Needed Skill for Evangelism and Discipleship.

Eight Steps to Christian Maturity – P. J. Tibayan: Drawing from the Trellis and the Vine, Tibayan lays out eight steps to move people towards faith in Christ and then on towards Christian maturity. In essence, these are the steps involved in making disciples. Also, this graphic is worth saving for future use:


Three Questions: Spiritual Growth – Melissa Kruger: I love this series idea by Melissa Kruger. “Three Questions is a series designed to put forth a few questions once a month. They can be used for personal reflection or perhaps as a way to spur on meaningful conversation in an accountability or small group.” You don’t have to wait until the new year to evaluate your spiritual growth!

Make sure to check out the other posts from the Three Questions series.


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