Coffee Reading: Links that Stir Your Heart and Mind (3/25)

Coffee Reading (1)I like coffee. I like reading. I like drinking coffee while reading. I like coffee while reading things that stir my heart and mind to delight in, declare, and display the gospel in all of life. Each Saturday, I will be posting three links that aim to do just that. Perhaps as you enjoy your Saturday morning cup of coffee, these links will be an encouragement and challenge to your pursuit of Christ and his mission.

An Exercise in Friendship – Tim Chester: Friendship has been an area of study for me so far this year, so it might not surprise you that I this article particularly helpful and encouraging. Make sure you don’t miss the section on friendship and the gospel. See my reviews on True Friendship by Vaughan Roberts and The Company We Keep by Jonathan Holmes.

Wanted: Christian Who Defy Categories – Trevin Wax: How do we make sense of where we find ourselves in this particular political climate? How should Christian define themselves? I am grateful for Trevin Wax’s call to apply Jesus’ kingdom vision to our current political context. This comment particularly struck me: “Christians are to be known for honor in a world that rewards insults. We are to be known for truth in a world that knows only spin. We are to be known for conviction in a world that falls for charisma.”

Read the Bible – Christian Standard Bible Resources: This probably more reading that you can finish before you run out coffee. However, I don’t think there is a more important challenge for us today than to reprioritize our personal commitment to reading the Bible and building our ministries on the solid foundation of the Bible. There are no shortcuts to growth in the Christian life–God always works is us by His Spirit through His Word.

If you haven’t checked out the new Christian Standard Bible, you can do so here. I look forward to receiving my copy soon and beginning to use it.


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