6 Diagnostic Questions for Social Media and Video Games

pro-tipSocial media and video games occupy the time of both young and old. Teenagers lead the way in engaging on social media and video game play. However, adults are increasingly active on social media and in the gaming world. These developments are not necessarily all negative. Social media has brought about new ways to stay connected and communicate. Video games not only foster creative-thinking but also provide a way for people to connect around similar interests. However, like the rest of creation, social media and video games are subject to sin. They often enable the idols of our hearts and provide a place to display our rebellion against God. Far too often we engage these mediums without considering the consequences in our own lives. Every believer must evaluate their own heart and the influence of social media and video games upon it. For some this may mean eliminating or, at least, limiting your use of them. Regardless, answers will only come through intentional reflection.

Consider asking yourself the following diagnostic questions or use them to engage those you are serving:

Social Media

  • How would you evaluate who you are following and interacting with on social media?
  • How would you evaluate the time you are spending on social media?
  • What insecurities or sin struggles do you struggle with on social media? Are you following people who enable or magnify these struggles?
  • Is there a difference between what you post publicly and privately (DMs/Snaps)? Are you honoring Christ in both cases?
  • Do you express your faith on social media? What would it look like to do this in a genuine way?
  • Are you getting distracted from meaningful conversation or other responsibilities because of being on social media?

Video Games

  • How would you evaluate the content of the games you play?
  • How would you evaluate the time you spend playing video games?
  • How does playing video games effect your heart and attitude towards other?
  • Are you honoring Christ in the way you interact with others online or in your gaming community?
  • Are your thoughts being consumed by a particular game throughout the day?
  • Are you avoiding facing certain problems, responsibilities, or people by playing video games?

What other questions would suggest asking?


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